Casino employees prevalence of problem gambling

Casino employees prevalence of problem gambling skaget casino

We also found that smokers had higher NODS scores relative to non-smokers, which is consistent with the report of more severe gambling pathology among pathological gamblers who smoke Gamblinv and Oncken

Missing data were dealt with in two ways. Linking stress and injury in the farming environment: Where do we go? The first five interviewees were referred by a gamblin manager. Pathological gamblers reported lower quality of life, which may be due in part to a trend for lower self-reported health.

Nevada in is % and the prevalence of problem gambling is % (see Table .. Although not confined to Nevada, one recent study of casino employees. rates of gambling problems. Casino employees represent another subpopulation that appears to have more gambling problems than the general adult. Keywords: Pathological gambling prevalence, Casino patrons, (e.g., training casino employees to identify problem/pathological gamblers.

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